Dragon Run SAMP Goals

Dragon Run SAMP Project Goals

MISSION: To support and promote community-based efforts to preserve the cultural, historic, and natural character of the Dragon Run, while preserving property rights and the traditional uses within the watershed.


Establish a high level of cooperation and communication between the four counties within the Dragon Run Watershed to achieve consistency across county boundaries.

OBJECTIVE A Develop a plan to address the inevitable future development pressure to change the traditional use of land in the Dragon Run Watershed.

OBJECTIVE B Achieve consistency across county boundaries among land use plans and regulations in order to maintain farming and forestry and to preserve natural heritage areas by protecting plants, animals, natural communities, and aquatic systems.

OBJECTIVE C Provide ongoing monitoring of existing plans and planning tools in order to assess traditional land uses and watershed health and take action necessary to preserve the watershed.

OBJECTIVE D Comprehensively implement Best Management Practices (BMPs) for water quality, wildlife habitat, and soil conservation.


Foster educational partnerships and opportunities to establish the community's connection to and respect for the land and water of the Dragon Run.

OBJECTIVE A Encourage experience-based education consistent with the Stewardship and Community Engagement goals of the Chesapeake 2000 Agreement.

OBJECTIVE B Promote the community and economic benefits of the Dragon Run derived from its natural characteristics and traditional uses such as farming, forestry, hunting and fishing.


Promote the concept of landowner stewardship that has served to preserve the Dragon Run Watershed as a regional treasure.

OBJECTIVE A Address the potential dilemma of preserving the watershed's sense of peace and serenity by protecting open space and reducing fragmentation of farms, forests, and wildlife habitat versus the landowners rights in determining or influencing future land use.

OBJECTIVE B Educate landowners about the regional importance of the Dragon Run.


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