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Dragon Run Steering Committee 1998 Meeting Minutes

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TO: Dragon Run Steering Committee & Guests
FROM: Jim Uzel, Director of Regional Planning
DATE: November 13, 1998
SUBJECT: Notes From the November 11, 1998 DRSC Meeting

The fourth quarter meeting of the Dragon Run Steering Committee was held at the MPPDC Offices on November 11, 1998. Attending were: Dorothy Miller and Prue Davis, Essex County; Jack Miller, Middlesex County, Ed Hall and Russell Williams, King & Queen County; Jerry Horner, Gloucester County; Dennis Baker and Neal Barber, Middle Peninsula Land Trust; Dave and Sharon Rhodes, Friends of Dragon Run; Lyn Layer, Save The Ole' Piankatank; and Jim Uzel, MPPDC.

The meeting was an opportunity for the various organizations to share their history, past achievements, present programs, and future goals. The following is a listing of some of the activities presented:

MPPDC - Regional body of localities in the Middle Peninsula. Active in Environmental Planning, GIS, and Economic Development

Dragon Run Steering Committee - Committee of MPPDC - 3 members from each local government in Dragon Watershed, 2 landowners & 1 Board of Supervisor. Dragon Run Conservation District, Access Plan, Watershed Management Plan.

Middle Peninsula Land Trust - formed about a year ago - A land conservancy organization with goals of holding conservation easements for natural heritage, access, and historic sites. Pursuing Dragon Run access at the Route 17 bridge in Gloucester.

Save The Ole' Piankatank (STOP) - organized around Scenic Rivers efforts and marina issues. Programs expanded to correction of failing septic systems near shellfish waters, eelgrass planting, homeowner and farmer educational programs, oyster aquiculture & reefs, and stream cleanup - Virginia's 1st Adopt-A-Stream organization.

Friends of Dragon Run - Initially formed to purchase a key property (Big Island) on the Dragon to maintain conservation uses. Also purchased property at New Dragon Bridge, and is currently working with Chesapeake Corp. on a land easement in King & Queen. Programs in riparian buffer protection (buffer timber rights purchase), cypress replanting, and educational efforts. Working with Gloucester and DCR-DNH to conduct a Natural Heritage Inventory of the Dragon.

Common themes presented include the concern over the possible sale of Chesapeake Corporation properties in the region; conservation easements as a voluntary and proffer tool for land resource management; need for natural heritage data; and beaver management.

The group also expressed interest in meeting on a regular basis to coordinate efforts. Enclosed is a contact list of the organizations attending, and those who had hoped to attend.

TO: Dragon Run Steering Committee
FROM: Jim Uzel, Director of Regional Planning
DATE: August 13, 1998
SUBJECT: Notes from August 12th DRSC Meeting

The Dragon Run Steering Committee met on Wednesday, August 12, 1998. The following members were present: Dorothy Miller and Pru Davis (Essex); Ed Hall and Russell Williams (King & Queen); Robert Major (Middlesex); and Jim Uzel (MPPDC).

The committee reviewed the Dragon Run Steering Committee brochure, suggested adding contact for MPPDC. The brochure will be distributed to the supervisor member for distribution to locality.

The main topic for the meeting was the condition and importance of fisheries in the Dragon. Based of fish collections conducted by the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VGIF) in 1992 (2 dates), 1995 (3 dates), and 1996 (4 dates), the following observations were derived: The Dragon is a highly diverse system that warrants protection and further study. The collected species with the highest biomass (total weight) were common carp, striped bass, white perch, channel catfish, bluegill, and largemouth bass. The most numerous fishes were eastern silvery minnow, white perch, bluegill, pumpkinseed, and largemouth bass. The VGIF looked for evidence of spawning runs of anadromous species and concluded that the tidal Dragon could be an important area for American and Hickory shad, Blueback herring, and alewife. VGIF found no evidence of striped bass spawning. Resident species, largemouth bass and bluegill also spawn in the backwater areas of the Dragon. The sampling conducted was all in the tidal portion of the Dragon, and the VGIF reports all specified the need or plans to conduct a basin wide survey for fish assemblages. The DRSC agreed to issue a letter in support of such a study to further the knowledge base for fisheries management. The committee also agreed to send a letter to the Department of Conservation and Recreation -

Division of Natural Heritage and Gloucester County, who will be conducting a natural heritage survey in the Dragon Run, to support their effort and to ask the survey be coordinated with the VGIF study.

The Steering Committee members also raised other issues including a discussion of the problems and benefits of the beaver population in the watershed, wetlands boards jurisdiction in the Dragon, landfill issues, and the status of the water supply issues paper.

The next meeting of the Steering Committee will be November 11, 1998.

TO: Dragon Run Steering Committee
FROM: Jim Uzel, Director of Regional Planning
DATE: February 16, 1998
SUBJECT: Meeting Notes From February 11, 1998 Meeting

The Dragon Run Steering Committee met on Wednesday, February 11, 1998. In attendance were Dorothy Miller, Prue Davis, and Sherry Gross from Essex; Cathy Wilson and Robert Major from Middlesex; Ed Hall and Russell and Rachael Williams from King and Queen; and Jim Uzel from the MPPDC.

The Committee discussed and formulated a Work Plan for its 1998 meeting. The Plan includes a field trip on the Dragon Run for Local Officials; a discussion of the importance of the Dragon to fisheries; and a meeting with watershed action organizations in the Middle Peninsula region to review activities.

An outline for the Water Supply Issue Paper was reviewed and modified by the Committee (see enclosed).

The Steering Committee discussed General Assembly legislation related to watersheds, including the bill introduced by JoAnn Davis concerning the referendum for the King William Reservoir.

In other business, the Committee asked that staff prepare a simple brochure describing the Dragon Run Steering Committee and its efforts to protect and manage the Dragon Run. A draft brochure will be sent out to the Committee member by mid-March for review and comment prior to finalization.

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