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Transportation Demand Management Program

The Middle Peninsula Transportation Demand Management  (TDM) Program was formed by the Middle Peninsula Planning District Commission in 1985 to assist commuters with transportation options.

The MPPDC TDM Program continues to provide ridesharing services to assist persons who are seeking transportation options from and within the Middle Peninsula region to employment and other destinations in Northern Virginia, Richmond, and Hampton Roads.The program also links commuters to existing area vanpools and to VSPI, Inc – a major private provider of commuter vanpool transportation services – for assistance in forming new vanpools.  The program often serves as a last resort for Middle Peninsula residents without private transportation.MPPDC works with area social services agencies to assist these residents who, in a more urban setting would be considered transit-dependent.

Middle Peninsula Rideshare’s Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) Program offers reimbursement to existing carpoolers and vanpoolers for rental car or taxi service to ensure that they have a reliable alternative to return home during personal or family emergencies, unexpected requirements to work late, or vehicle breakdowns.

The TDM Program also helps local employers by providing information about transportation alternatives, including employee carpool formation, company vanpool formation, employee transportation benefits, and telework. There are no existing telework centers in the region and the lack of broadband connectivity in many areas, the limited size and dispersed nature of the employer occupational base, and the absence of congested conditions within the region remain key impediments to the potential of advancing telecommuting as a viable alternative to traditional work arrangements at this time.MPPDC continues to assist localities and private sector companies in searching for opportunities to increase access to broadband in the region and is available to assist local employers with telework policy development.

The MPPDC TDM Program staff also provide assistance to localities with Safe Routes to School program development and grant proposals.

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