Comprehensive Economic Development Planning

The purpose of this project is to develop a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) for the Middle Peninsula. The CEDS process will be extremely valuable for the region as a means to tie together the many activities and plans of 9 jurisdictions (6 counties and 3 towns) and also to identify and prioritize cross-region initiatives. The last Regional Economic Development Strategic Plan was completed in March 2002 by Virginia's River Country in accordance with the provisions of the Regional Competitiveness Act (Title 15.2, Chapter 13, Section 15.2-1306 through 1310). This plan outlines those regional actions and activities necessary to promote economic prosperity in harmony with our heritage and environment.  The past ten years have witnessed significant changes in the region’s demographics. The increase in population has also created demand for services and infrastructure development. There is also an interest in sustaining traditional trades such as fishing and agriculture. The opportunity to create a comprehensive regional context for new initiatives is one that Middle Peninsula leaders are very interested in supporting.

A group of regional leaders and representatives will be asked to serve on the Strategic Planning Committee to provide direction and oversight. The Middle Peninsula Planning District Commission (MPPDC) will be the lead organization. Comprised of the chief elected official of each of the nine communities, MPPDC will also seek representatives from local economic development agencies and the private sector, education, workforce development and labor for the planning effort.

MPPDC will  draw on a significant amount of existing material including reference to the previously mentioned Regional Economic Development Strategic Plan from March 2002.

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