Dragon Run SAMP Participants

Dragon Run SAMP Meeting Attendees (as of October 2003)

Charles “Rick” Allen – Dragon Run Steering Committee (Gloucester)

Lorna Anderberg - Friends of Dragon Run

Mike Anderberg – Friends of Dragon Run

Neal Barber – VA Economic Development Partnership/Middle Peninsula Land Trust

David Birdsall – District Forester, Resource Management Service, Inc. (Hancock)

Julie Bixby – Planner, Virginia Coastal Program

Kay Bradley – Director, N. Neck–Middle Peninsula Public Education Consortium

Dick Brake – Middle Peninsula Planning District Commission

Craig Brann – Three Rivers Soil and Water Conservation District

David Clements – Friends of Dragon Run

Margaret “Prue” Davis – Dragon Run Steering Committee (Essex)

Anne Ducey-Ortiz – Planner, Gloucester County

W.D. Edwards, Jr. - Landowner (Middlesex)

Frank Evans – Evans Marine Contractors (Middlesex)

Vladimir Gavrilovic – Principal, Paradigm Design (consultant)

Robert E. Gibson – Landowner (King and Queen)

Edward Hall – Dragon Run Steering Committee (King and Queen)

William F. Herrin – Dragon Run Steering Committee (King and Queen)

William Hester – Biologist, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Gloucester)

Matthew Higgins - Planning Director, Middlesex County

Marv Hohenberger – Board Member, Friends of Dragon Run

Jerry Horner – Dragon Run Steering Committee (Gloucester)

Robert Hudgins - Landowner (Gloucester/Mathews)

Eric Johnson - Landowner (Middlesex)

R.D. Johnson - Landowner (Middlesex)

Thomas Jordan – Planner, Middlesex County

Paul Koll – Zoning Administrator, King and Queen County

Mary Ann Krenzke - Friends of Dragon Run

Andy Lacatell – Director, Chesapeake Rivers Program, The Nature Conservancy

Lewie Lawrence - Director of Regional Planning, Middle Peninsula Planning District Commission

Carissa Lee - Planner, Middlesex County

Beth Locklear – Locality Liaison, VA Division of Natural Heritage

Clarence Major - Landowner (Middlesex)

Hubert Major - Landowner (Middlesex)

John E. Major - Landowner (Middlesex)

Robert Major – Dragon Run Steering Committee (Middlesex)

Hersey Mason, Jr. - Landowner (Middlesex)

David Milby – County Forester, VA Dept. of Forestry (King and Queen, Middlesex)

Warren Milby – Landowner (Middlesex)

William Milby – Landowner

Dorothy Miller – Dragon Run Steering Committee (Essex)

Elvin Miller – Landowner (Middlesex)

Jack Miller – Dragon Run Steering Committee (Middlesex)

Nancy Miller - Locality Liaison, Chesapeake Bay Local Assistance Department

John D. “Buddy” Moore – Landowner (Middlesex)

John Munger – President, Friends of Dragon Run

Anne Newsom – Planner, Virginia Coastal Program

Gordon Page – Friends of Dragon Run

Jimmie Pitts - Landowner (Middlesex)

Karen Reay – Dept. of Game and Inland Fisheries

Willy Reay – Director, Chesapeake Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve/VIMS

Davis Rhodes – Past-president, Friends of Dragon Run

Wright Robinson – Friends of Dragon Run

Garrie Rouse – Owner, Mattaponi Canoe and Kayak

William Saunders – VA Department of Forestry

Sidney Sheldon – Forester/Land Manager (King and Queen)

Will Smith - Biologist, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Gloucester)

Hugh Soles - Landowner (Middlesex)

Pat Tyrrell – Tidewater Resource Conservation and Development

Hoyt Wheeland - Watershed Outreach Coordinator, Department of Conservation and Recreation

Rachel Williams – Landowner (King and Queen)

Russell Williams – Dragon Run Steering Committee (King and Queen)

Cathy Wilson – Dragon Run Steering Committee (Middlesex)

Davis Wilson – Landowner (Middlesex)

Rebecca Wilson – Land Steward, Virginia Division of Natural Heritage (MP/NN)


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