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Invasive Species in the Dragon Run

Invasive species are those not native to the ecosystem that cause economic or environmental harm or harm to human health. Invasive species can disrupt the balance of natural ecosystems and may adversely affect established uses of natural resources.

While invasive species in the Dragon Run are relatively sparse, some examples do occur in limited quantities. The Dragon Run Invasive Species Initiative (see Dragon Run SAMP Meeting Minutes) is a loose-knit group of scientists and professionals dedicated to minimizing the impact and introduction of invasive species in the Dragon Run. The primary examples of invasive species in the Dragon Run are:

Common reed or Phragmites (Joseph McCauley, USFWS) 

Blue catfish (Julie Bixby, VA Coastal Program)

Asiatic dayflower (Brent Steury, NPS)

Japanese stiltgrass (Ted Bodner)


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