Dragon Run Special Area Management Plan

Advisory Group

August 26, 2003




1.      Welcome and Announcements


2.      Dragon Run Land Use Policy Audit – Final Report


3.      Watershed Management Plan


4.      Adjourn


Ø      Next meeting: Tuesday, September 9




Russell and Rachel Williams (King and Queen); Mike and Lorna Anderberg (Friends of Dragon Run); David Milby (Dept. of Forestry); Rick Allen, Anne Ducey-Ortiz (Gloucester); Andy Lacatell (The Nature Conservancy); Julie Bixby (VA Coastal Program); David Fuss (MPPDC)


Welcome and Announcements


David Fuss welcomed everyone to the meeting and opened the floor for announcements. Andy Lacatell provided an update on proposed Forest Legacy funding and The Nature Conservancy’s efforts to match that funding. David Fuss provided an update on invasive species initiatives. David announced that he, Andy, and several members of Friends of Dragon Run guided three staffers of U.S. Rep. JoAnn Davis on a paddle trip of the Dragon Run. Russell Williams expressed concern about an observed lack of frogs in ponds and streams adjacent to the Dragon Run.


Dragon Run Land Use Policy Audit


Attendees were presented with a Final Report of the Dragon Run Land Use Policy Audit. Discussions ensued about the major elements of the report, focusing mainly on the phased approach making changes to comprehensive plans and zoning ordinances.


Watershed Management Plan


David F. asked the group for feedback on how to incorporate elements of the Final Report into the Watershed Management Plan. He will use his judgment based on all of the discussions and comments at prior meetings to revise the draft Watershed Management Plan for consideration at the next SAMP Advisory Group meeting.




The meeting was adjourned. The next meeting will be on Tuesday, September 9 from 7-9 PM at the MPPDC offices.